Introducing Project Earth Rock

Project Earth Rock is a Key Stage 2 multi-media scheme of work for sustainability and air quality, featuring singer songwriter Jess Gold. Its animated musical approach enables teachers and pupils to easily access its 12 themes. 


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Song teaching videos

These videos are a ground breaking approach to teaching songs in the classroom. Jess is ‘live’ with her guitar and will get your children singing enthusiastically in less than 15 minutes!


The animations are a colourful and clever take on the issue in hand. They illustrate concepts covered in Jess’ songs through the use of original stories and charming imagery.

Karaoke videos

With artwork from 60 children in each one, the karaoke videos reward repeat viewings with the continual emergence of amusing detail. The videos conclude each lesson, but are also ideal for filling a spare 5 minutes at the end of the day.

Sheet music

These arrangements are great for school assemblies or concerts and can be played either by the school pianist or a competent student. As guitar chords are provided, the songs can also be played on the instrument that Jess originally wrote them on.

Lesson plans

Each lesson supports KS2 singing and sustainability alongside one more curriculum area through a dynamic cross-curricular approach. With English and Scottish curriculum references, all the media elements are brought together into a cohesive plan for learning.

Our licensing is generous!

We impose no limit on the number of users in your school and no time limit on your license. Additionally all staff and pupils within your institution are encouraged to download the Project Earth Rock album to personal audio devices. We want as many people as possible to help spread messages of sustainability through song.

Free download of one complete lesson package!

Our Power Challenge lesson package is available as a free sample. Just create an account, log in and the links to the download files will appear here! Your pupils will soon be having fun singing about the importance of energy efficiency, learning about how energy is used and wasted and keeping a power diary of their own energy use.

The package includes:

  1. Lesson plan with curriculum references
  2. Smartboard slides (with PDF and PowerPoint alternatives for users of other systems)
  3. Song-teaching video
  4. Karaoke video
  5. Lyrics sheet
  6. Animation
  7. Sheet music
  8. Song MP3 file

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Buy and download individual lesson plans

If you are not ready to buy the whole resource but would like to try out a few of the lesson packages then you can buy them as individual downloads, if you then wish to purchase the whole resource electronically you can do so. You won’t need to download it all at the same time, rather you can sign into your account and download individual lesson packages at leisure. If you wish to buy the complete physical resource after having purchased some lessons then we will discount the cost of your purchase by the amount that you have already spent on electronic download product with just a £10 administration fee added.