London Sustainability Exchange research results

Recent research by the London Sustainability Exchange (LSX) to evaluate Project Earth Rock has been carried out across 4 London boroughs. After using the resource, teachers provided the following feedback:
- The resource was described as “fun” and “interactive” by both teachers and pupils.
- 75% of the teachers said the children engaged with the materials “a lot” or “quite a lot” during the lesson.
- 75% of the teachers thought that the lesson plans and extra teaching resources (such as music videos) were useful.
- The versatility of the resources was noted as a great strength, as it allows this resource to be integrated into dynamic curriculum structures and lesson plans.
- The karaoke videos and animations work on a stand-alone basis, and can be used to fill in 5 minutes at the end of the day, or as part of an assembly.

The University of Sheffield has secured ESRC funding for a 3 year research programme that will build on the findings of the LSX and study in more detail how Project Earth Rock is able to have a positive impact on sustainability behaviour in the home.

Published by Eli Kaufman on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 in News