Jess Gold attends the Teach the Future Parliamentary launch

On 26 February 2020 Jess Gold from Project Earth Rock attended The Teach the Future parliament event. Teach the Future is a youth-led campaign to repurpose the entire education system around the climate emergency and ecological crisis. Young people led the way by offering a draft English emergency education bill which embodies their key demands.  

Jess Gold said “It was fantastic to be amongst so many like-minded people who want climate education to be placed at the core of our schools. We launched Project Earth Rock in 2014. It’s been a struggle to get this innovative arts sustainability resource into schools as climate change doesn’t currently feature on the curriculum. If this draft becomes adopted as a private members bill it would be a real game changer. It would give pupils and teachers the licence they need to integrate climate change and sustainability wisdom into the curriculum and the day to day life of their schools. Children and young people are demanding it, it is long overdue.”

The campaign is run jointly by the UK Student Climate Network, best known for the school climate strikes, and the National Union of Students' climate charity offshoot, SOS-UK. The event was fittingly hosted by Nadia Whittome MP, the youngest MP in parliament.





Published by Jess Gold on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 in News