We offer flexible pricing to meet the needs and budgets of all schools.

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Once you have tried our free download, you may want to purchase some single theme lesson packages or the whole pack. You can purchase singles in electronic format from our shop under the “Individual Lesson Plans” tab. Purchase the full resource in physical and electronic formats in the shop under the “Full Resource Pack” tab.

If you are a school the price that you pay for Project Earth Rock is dependent on how large your school is. See table below for details. Our team will check our database from time to time to ensure that schools are the size that they claim to be! If you are not a school then you will pay our small school price of £150.00

If you wish to buy additional copies of the green lesson plan book, the blue music book or the CD you can do so from our shop under the “Printed Extras” tab. The lesson plan book requires the video material to be functional, so is only useful as an extra if you have already purchased the whole pack.

Size BandNumber of PupilsFull Pack price Single lesson price
Small 0-200 £150   £13.64
Medium 201-400 £250   £22.73
Standard 401-600 £350   £31.82
Large 601-800 £450   £40.91
Super 801 + £550   £50.00
Non school organisations   £150   £13.64

Please note that when determining the size band your school falls into you should count Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils due to the fact that our videos are used by both Key Stages.

Redeem your spend on electronic product

If you have purchased electronic lesson plans and then decide that you would like to buy the whole physical product then call up our team on 01795 411629 and they will redeem your spend to date against the cost of a whole pack for your school. No money will be wasted!