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Project Earth Rock full resource, 2 printed books, DVD



Project Earth Rock is a Key Stage 2 multi-media scheme of work for sustainability. Its cross-curricular animated musical approach enables teachers and pupils to easily access its themes. The 12 songs, lesson plans and accompanying videos bring environmental topics to life in the classroom. The lessons can either be implemented as a term of work or alternatively can be slotted piecemeal into the class curriculum. Your pupils will soon be singing with Jess (whether you can sing or not!) and they will become better informed young citizens in the process. Project Earth Rock is designed for the class teacher rather than the music specialist. It consists of:

  1. A book of lesson plans with English and Scottish curriculum references
  2. Piano sheet music for assemblies and concerts
  3. The Project Earth Rock DVD

On the DVD, along with electronic PDF versions of the sheet music and lesson plans, you will find

  • Song-teaching videos
  • Karaoke videos
  • Animations
  • Smartboard slides to accompany the lessons
  • MP3 files with vocals
  • MP3 files without vocals