Project Earth Rock and the new model music curriculum

Project Earth Rock is an innovative music education resource about climate change and sustainability which is a welcome addition to every primary school’s kitbag. Using it in your classes will support all children with accessing high quality music education, so helping achieve the ambitious aims of the new model music curriculum. Project Earth Rock assists schools with teaching the following areas that the curriculum focuses on; singing, listening, skill development and performing. Staff who don’t feel confident in their music leading skills can use the videos to teach the songs to the class. The songs vary in style and will help your pupils explore musical dynamics as well as learn how to sing in a round. The importance of warming up your voice is practiced at the beginning of each video. Listening skills are developed by a teaching method consistently used throughout the resource. Project Earth Rock enables your pupils’ performance with lyric sheets, piano music, guitar chords, as well as backing tracks. Whilst all this great musical learning is happening, your geography and science curriculum is being supported through the teaching of many eco themes including rainforests, sustainable travel and recycling.


Elaine Parmiter, the teacher responsible for music at Kemble Primary School says:

“I have loved using Project Earth Rock with our pupils. The songs are engaging and interesting and support well what we are trying to achieve through the music curriculum. The lesson plans are clear and easy to use and challenge the children’s thinking on a range of environmental issues.”








Published by Jess Gold on Tuesday, May 04, 2021 in News